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Frozen Grapes aka Frozen Grape is an Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa ratio. It was created by crossing delicious Platinum and Mendo Breath cannabis strains. It is perfect for any Indica lover and is well-known for its yummiest flavor and gorgeous appearance. Buy Frozen Grapes Strains from us.

Appearance, Aroma, And Flavor:

With vivid golden amber undertones, this bud has fat hand-shaped bright neon green nuggets. The coating of thick and frosty golden amber crystal trichomes and thin orange hairs make this bud eye-appealing cannabis. With a touch of earthy goodness to it, the flavor of the Frozen Grape strain follows much of the same profile. It gives delicious notes of Grapes, fruits, and herbs. Buy Frozen Grapes Strain Online USA

Frozen Grape Weed Effects:

With long-lasting effects that will have you feeling lifted yet relaxed, the Frozen Grapes high is just as delicious as its flavor. The high begins with a light physical tingle that fills the whole body of the user with a light effect while easing away any pains or aches. While keeping your spirits free to fly higher and higher, this physical high is accompanied by a sense of lifted euphoria.

These effects on combining with its high THC level, make the Frozen Grapes strain a perfect choice for relieving

  • Muscle spasms
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic stress
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

Where To Buy Frozen Grapes Weed Strain Near Me:

This Indica-leaning hybrid was originally bred by Gus’ Unique Selections. Now, you can enjoy the same quality as that originally bred strain on “Marijuana Cannabis Express”. Resulting from a pure cross between Mendo Breath and Platinum strains, our Frozen Grapes hybrid is the best that you will hardly find anywhere else.

With the dominant terpene being myrcene, you can detect the earthy, sweet, fruity, and skunky aromas from this strain.

With THC levels between 22-26%, Frozen Grape is a fairly strong weed but it is suitable for both experienced users and beginners due to its mild effects. Buy Frozen Grapes Strain Online USA

Purchase Frozen Grapes Marijuana Strain Online UK:

It delivers the high almost instantly leaving the users feeling completely relaxed which makes it suitable for both mental and physical medical applications in the management of depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc. The ideal time for consuming this weed is evening or nighttime.

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